Peaches and Pomegranate=Parkside Play Party 2

Hi all--

Join us for a play party to kick off my summer clinical odyssey! I'll be heading out of town until late August (SF and Nebraska), and I'm excited about having one more kinkfest chez moi. Roommates will be out of town!

There will be snacks, fruit, etc provided and feel free to bring things and add to the mix.

Enjoy an assortment of expressions, toys, and people. Expect friendliness, sexiness, and respect.

Out-of-towners--I can accommodate whoever wants to stay here that night. Just bring a sleeping bag.

The basic rules for the play party are below, please read them!

Please RSVP by May 14. Free, but we ask you to think about tossing a donation in our donation jar for the snacks & supplies when you come :)

Hope to see you there!


Our play party rules (adapted from other party rules):
* You must be at least 21years of age to attend this play party.
* No photographic or recording devices will be permitted, except as provided by or agreed to by the host. Remember that what occurs at our parties is private, so do not discuss it with anyone who did not attend. Do not take pictures of anyone without their permission and do not post or otherwise share pictures without permission from the persons in the picture.
* A moderate consumption of alcohol is okay, as long as your behavior is not disruptive or unsafe.
* Do not mention anyone at the party to those not at the party without that person's express permission to name them.
* This event is sex-positive, meaning anything consensual is permitted.
* We highly encourage use of barriers such as gloves, dams, and condoms.
* Body parts, clothing, presentation or our perception of any of these do not necessarily represent a persons gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation or play style and experience. DO NOT MAKE ASSUMPTIONS.
* Each person must pick and use a safe word chosen by them in conjunction with their play partner. This word will be used to stop any activity where either party is not comfortable with the scene. Red is the house safe word and when used will stop any play between the parties.
* When there is a scene occurring, do not interrupt it.
* Do not join in scenes, even if it looks like they are free-for-all. A scene that might look to you like lots of people are joining in to pleasure or otherwise play, might in fact be pre-arranged between the players to look casual. Join in only if the players clearly beckon you in and you also consent.
* If you are uncomfortable with a scene you should simply step away from that scene. Do not infringe on the rights of others.
* You are not required to play if you don't want to. Anyone hassling anyone or making unwelcome advances will be asked to leave.
* Do not touch people's toys, floggers, etc. that are lying around without having permission.
* Most people like to be complimented on their scenes. If you like a particular top or bottom, telling them what you liked about their scene is usually well received. But wait till they are walking about and socializing again! Asking interesting how-to questions is also a good way to make friends.
* You are responsible for cleaning up your play area when you are done. This includes cleaning up and putting away any toys you have borrowed, and making sure that equipment is put back where it was when before you started using it.
* Remember that we are enacting adult fantasies, so let's have fun, but let's remember to partake in Risk Aware Consensual Kink (safe, sane and consensual).

If you have any questions or have any concerns about a scene or person(s), please ask one of the hostesses or a DM.